There is an urgent need for more than $650,000 in medical equipment to support many units of our Island’s largest hospital.

Dr. Cai Wadden
QEH Orthopedic Surgeon

Orthopedic Surgery Equipment

There are approximately 2,500 orthopedic surgeries performed each year at the QEH. Right now, $471,000 in equipment is needed to expand our capabilities.

Currently, two different trauma tables are used between one base, which causes wear on the equipment and is strenuous for staff. A new table base will greatly support the work of orthopedic surgery staff.

The cost for a new trauma table base is approximately $71,000.

Juffah Tamula
QEH Physiotherapist

Physical Medicine Equipment

The Physical Medicine department relies heavily on equipment to support people of all ages in regaining independence and improving their quality of life. Physiotherapist Juffah Tamula works with many Islanders who have had an amputation or spinal cord injury.

A number of specialized equipment pieces are currently needed for Physical Medicine programs, at a cost of $41,226.

Dr. Beth Ellen Brown
QEH Neonatologist

Cerebral Function Monitoring System

Our NICU is in need of a Cerebral Function Monitoring System (CFMS), the first of it’s kind in PEI. A CFMS monitors brain activity so we can detect abnormalities in critically ill babies. This equipment, used frequently on infants with suspected seizure activity, will be exclusive to the NICU to allow for 24/7 availability of this standard of care.

The cost of this equipment is approximately $40,000.

Clinical Nurse Educators Nicole Walsh, right, and Yvette Pritchett

Nursing Education

When a medical emergency happens on the unit, everyone needs to be ready. After an education session staff are more prepared, they have everything at their fingertips because they have had the practice. The increased confidence nurses gain in caring for patients shows the importance of simulation in building muscle memory.

The cost of this priority equipment is $13,413.


Orthopedic Navigator & Joint Replacement Instruments

Patient Assessment & Therapy Equipment, Physical Medicine

Cerebral Function Monitoring System

Infant Airway Management System, Nursing Education