Big Deals

Dr. Cai Wadden, QEH Orthopedic Surgeon
Dr. Beth Ellen Brown, QEH Neonatologist

Dr. Cai Wadden is a Big Day Big Deal because of his work as an orthopedic surgeon at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital where he has been operating for the past 6 years. In as many years, Dr. Wadden has also been a QEH Foundation donor, helping us fund the purchase of priority equipment for all areas of the hospital and we think that’s a pretty Big Deal!

We think his patients agree with us. Since launching the Big Day of Giving with Dr. Wadden as the face of the campaign, messages have been rolling in to the QEH Foundation office from grateful patients who wish to thank him for his amazing care.

Dr. Wadden recently invited us into his operating room to show us some of the specialized equipment he and his colleagues use everyday. You can watch his interview on our Big Day video page.

Dr. Beth Ellen Brown is a Big Day Big Deal because of her work as a QEH Neonatologist in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at the hospital.

Dr. Brown works hard to care for the Island’s most vulnerable and critically ill babies.

In a recent visit to the NICU Dr. Brown told the QEH Foundation that thanks to our generous donors she and the team on the Unit are able to continuously advance the standard of care they offer.

“We are continuing to grow and set the bar very high, we have a huge number of goals ahead of us of how we want to continue to advance care and make our NICU a place of excellence, where we continue to be able to keep more babies and families at home for care.”

We think the care Dr. Brown provides in the NICU is a Big Deal! To see more of our interview with Dr. Brown and see the NICU team in action click here.

Nicole Walsh and Yvette Pritchett, QEH Nurse Educators
Juffah Tamula QEH Physiotherapist

Nicole Walsh and Yvette Pritchett are Clinical Nurse Educators specializing in Obstetrics/ Gynecology and Pediatrics, respectively. These women are Big Deals at the QEH because they ensure that nurses and other health care staff have the skills, confidence and resources they need to take care of some of the Island’s most vulnerable patients.

The clinical nurse educators offer educational and ongoing training opportunities in things like pediatric advanced life support. Yvette was particularly grateful they had the tools and abilities to prepare for the possibility of children being admitted with COVID 19.

“When COVID 19 first started we were able to practice a lot of scenarios that brought all the departments together; the pediatrician, the respiratory therapist, and the pediatric nurses would all join us. We ran these scenarios weekly and were able to discover kinks and problems and develop different tools that would save time so we could address those situations more quickly if they came up. So if it did happen staff would know how to act quickly.”

We think the ongoing training that Yvette and Nicole provide is a Big Deal! To see more of our interview with these amazing nurse educators visit the Big Day video page.

Juffah Tamula is a physiotherapist in the QEH Physical Medicine Department and he’s a Big Day Big Deal. He primarily works with patients who are amputees or have spinal cord injuries. We sat down with Juffah to chat about some of the equipment he uses everyday to help Islanders rebuild their strength and recapture their independence.

Juffah says his department relies heavily on specialized equipment to work with patients that have a wide range of needs.

“For those people who are donating to Physical Medicine, it really helps the Island population that have been hospitalized to achieve their goals, and return to their normal functioning.”

Juffah took us on a tour of the Physical Medicine Department. He showed us the Nustep, the Equalizer, and the four door car, which are all set up inside the department’s gym.

To see these pieces of equipment in acation and much more from Juffah, visit the Big Day video page.

Michelle Massiah (r), grateful hip replacement recipient with her family
Sara Deveau, grateful hip replacement recipient at Spry Point beach.

Michelle Massiah was shocked when she received the news that she needed hip replacement surgery, she was in her thirties and had just given birth to her second child.

“The biggest thing for me was that I couldn’t really look after my youngest child by myself. She would run away and I couldn’t go get her. That has been the biggest thing, I can pick my kids up and dance with them or go for a walk on the beach”

The QEH Foundation visited with Michelle and her family while on one of those walks at Kinlock Beach in Stratford. We think it’s a pretty Big Deal that she can enjoy a classic PEI evening since she’s had her hip replacement surgery at the QEH. To hear more from Michelle visit the Big Day video page.

Sara Deveau is a PEI Plover Guardian, an avid hiker, biker, and bird nerder. All of these things, she says, would not be possible if it wasn’t for her hip replacement surgery and the wonderful care she received at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital.

I am forever grateful for the care during my surgery and recovery as I thought I would never regain this kind of quality of life again. So I want to say a BIG thank you to all the healthcare providers who help Islanders like myself.”

We went with Sara to Spry Point to tag along as she looked for plovers and reflected on her journey to recovery after her orthopedic surgery. Sara is a Big Deal! Watch her in action by visiting the Big Day video page.

Mid-Isle Matrix Hockey Association
Cathy Burt, QEH grateful knee surgery recipient

Jake Kelly, member of the Mid-Isle Matrix U13 team comes from a family tradition of giving to the QEH Foundation, so his dad Tyson was not surprised when he came to him before the hockey season with the idea to raise funds for the PEI Cancer Treatment Centre. With the help of his teammates, other players, coaches, parents, and sponsors the Mid-Isle Matrix Hockey Association teams donned Pink Jerseys and socks for several games during the 2021-2022 season to raise awareness and funds for Cancer Treatment on PEI.

Jake was inspired to take on this initiative after seeing his mom’s cancer journey.

“Everyone on this team has been hit by cancer in some way, so its been great supporting this cause and raising some money…Maybe you don’t even know them but somewhere on Prince Edward Island its going to help someone and we are really thankful for the donations.”

The Mid-isle Matrix hopes to make Matrix Fights Cancer an annual fundraising event and encourages other community groups to get involved in fundraising for the hospital. We think that’s a pretty Big Deal!

Thank you Matrix for your heroic efforts to raise funds for the PEI Cancer Treatment Centre. To hear from Jake, his dad (AKA Coach) and other members of the Matrix organization visit the Big Day video page

*Photo By Emma Stewart

Cathy Burt likes to stay active. She loves going on walks with her niece, swimming, and has recently gotten pretty serious about golf. A hobby, she says, is possible thanks to the knee surgery she received at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital.

“I’ve always enjoyed golf but this year I decided I was going for it, I was taking the lessons and was going to go and start golfing. And the surgery has given me the confidence that I can enjoy it.”

Although it was just a few short months ago, it is obvious Cathy is recovering well from her knee surgery. When the QEH Foundation joined her for a recent golf lesson she was excited to show us her new skills and range of motion provided by her new knee. That’s a Big Deal! To hear more from Cathy and see her in action on the golf course visit our Big Day video page.